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welcome to the next era of business coaching.

our focus is launching, developing, and maximizing the new generation of entrepreneurs.


this is an unprecedented time in history where opportunity lends itself to those willing to design the new normal. It's time to make money doing what you love, whilst innovating the new way of living. 

identify your dna.

A clear confident vision drives you beyond what's possible.

Don't wait for an opportunity. Make one. 

amplify your creativity.

Redesign the future. Is it the next social platform, app, ebook or multi-billion dollar technology? When you unleash your creative self, the possibilities are endless.

influence the influencers.

Develop your reputation.

Lead your niche.

Empower your tribe.


your own

way forward.

Design a career fueled by creativity; one that makes money, and inspires others, as you live out your dream.

what our 

clients say.


"Daniel sees me. He sees what I am doing. What I am capable of. And who I am as an artist. He supports my creative vision and up-levels them with his expertise, wisdom and knowledge of business not to mention I now make money. I couldn't recommend him more "





"I am more confident in myself, in my abilities and am dreaming bigger than ever before.

Six months ago I had no business, now I have so many orders I had to contract two people to make sure I could stay on top of the increase."







"Daniel has all the enthusiasm to either match or exceed your own, as well as the business sense to see your occupational vision with you and direct you toward it. For anyone overwhelmed about or ill-prepared for the prospect of turning their craft into a business, I would highly recommend Daniel’s services."


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start your business today.


henry w.

“This guide is pure gold for anyone looking to establish a business in any industry.

The guide came into my life when I was preparing to launch my online legal business. It took out all the guesswork and gave me a clear roadmap for success. It has saved me an incredible amount of time and spared me an incredible amount of frustration.

I’m skeptical of business coaches generally or anyone looking to sell me a “secret formula” online. But this guide is the real deal." - Legal Consultant

it's time to make money doing what you love!