Here you'll find a list of ideas delivered successfully to the market place by my clients or have witnessed a demand within your specific field of expertise. 

  • Drop shipping = on-trend. But many people are looking to produce alternative variations to already existing products. Create an offering that presents itself as the alternative option to the common drop shipped pre designed product. Original design at an affordable price. Charge an outright fee or jump in on the fun and take an ongoing percentage from the GP. 

  • Design a team that covers the stages of evolution of a product; Ideation - Design - Build - Test - Evaluate - Finalise - Manufacture. Go big and create a company, specializing within on-demand, lucrative industries; (construction, environmental etc) 

  • Unpack your IP and capture it. Be the master within your specialty and offer out your services to already existing companies or individuals. Tech moves fast 

  • develop masterclasses for students, old school animators or the slow and steady within your field. Note your journey, your struggles and the pains of growth and rework them as advertisement material to help accelerate your clients/students. 

  • Learn the language of code and design a side hustle that takes website animations to the next level. Everyone wants them, the industry just needs to diversify and grow outside of game and movie design. 

  • Teach. There's not a lot of time for university when most specific-to-niche material can be found around the net at a competitive price. Most of the top animators I know never studied.

  • If you have a personality. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Let it accompany your brand as you deliver you skill in a clear, humourous or invigorating way. 

  • Take a good hard look at graphic designers. Although now saturated, they were once so specialised a nice logo with lime green sparkles made every tom dick and jane only dream of having a logo designed by a professional. Now every second house in every main city has a graphic designer tucked away with adobe and helvetica fonts painting their macbook screens. 

  • ^^ I paint this picture because it'll be your industry soon. Get out the front or be left behind faster than you can say "think different". 

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