Dan sees me. He sees what I am doing. What I am capable of. And who I am as an artist. He supports my creative visions and up-levels them with his expertise, wisdom and knowledge of business. He makes me money. He supports me as I take risks and he is always there to uplift me when I am having a hard day with work. I couldn't recommend him more.



I honestly would not be doing what I'm doing today if it weren't for Dan. In such a short time he has drawn out strengths in me, empowered me to believe in what I'm doing, helped me understand the basics of business, guided me in my fear of marketing, and grown my business more than I thought possible



Daniel has all the enthusiasm to either match or exceed your own, as well as the business sense to see your occupational vision with you and direct you toward it. For anyone overwhelmed about or ill-prepared for the prospect of turning their craft into a business, I would highly recommend Daniel’s services.

jess. a

It's awesome to have a coach who genuinely wants to learn about your business and who will go the extra mile to figure out what you need as a client. Dan knows how creatives think. He knows how to lead and organise without smothering the creative spark. Our product was performing okay before we connected with Dan. Since then, he's opened us up to a whole new world of business. We had solid ideas but didn't have the business acumen to execute them. From product planning, to marketing, to accounting — Dan has levelled us up across the board. Our business has gone from steady to exponential and I credit Dan with much of that.

james. w

Dan is an uplifting, inspiring, progressive thinking man, I came into the session with little confidence doubting my idea could be successful. Dan opened my eyes to see the possibilities as we began to explore within and helped me develop a plan to move forward. Highly recommend!

chris. d

Great chat! Dan is very knowledgeable and insightful and has a natural ability to nurture and guide others.

kirsty. n